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May. 09,2018

Versse is growing up in the past 14 years, and our employees are together grow up with versse for long period, thought we come from different areas, and even different countries we share the same faith, that our performance, has laid a solid foundation for versse’s full  interpretation in the international forefront of fashion style.


We believe in producing a quality product with a long lifespan. Discourage needless waste and a senseless consumerism. Own fewer but better things and take pride in them as thy represent who you are. A bag should be made of quality material, constructed in a way that it can bare the tests of time and made by someone who takes pride in their work.

Be generous to others. Generosity promotes trust and diminishes divisions and distrust. Be generous with your time, with your efforts, with your words and with your money. Over time, generosity will be repaid ten fold.

Surround yourself with those who live life in a positive way and you will be swept along. It's an amazing feeling to be part of a group full of amazing and inspiring people. It motivates you to grow and to become a better person.

Style, individuality, confidence

We encourage a sense of pride in individuality and embracing uniqueness. We do not blindly follow trends but design a product that stands out from the crowd and enhances a persons overall look. Be original, be confident.

Never give up.  Don't accept the status quo but think and act the way that makes sense to you. Find the positives, engage people, make a difference. Achieve, both commercially and socially.

We value the achievement, but it never shutting down our desire to be better.

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