The making process for a fashion handbag

Mar. 25,2019

How important a bag is for women? To me, even thought I just go to down stair convenient store, I would need to carry a bag with me. Usually, we will use bags to put some daily essentials, such as wallets, mobile phones, lipsticks, tissue papers, keys, etc. For the different occations, we will use different handbags which that structure, size, and materials will be different.  For an example, some Mummy bags, usually we will add bundle pockets and insulation materials to keep the cup or bottle warm. And another example is the those popular shape looking handbags,  we will use some hard inner lining to easure the stifiness. In this article will not mentioned too much content about inner lining,  we may discuss it in the future. Then, how are the bags were made? Today I will briefly summarize from my experience.

  • Step one

The designer finalizes the illustration, and the content would simply covers the overall structure of the bag including the front, side, bottom and interior. This section is quite important. A good commercial handbag requires the designer to have a very clear idea of the ending consumer portrait, it helps to confirm the development theme, and outline the product size, colors, accessories that consumers like.

  • Step two
Material selection! The fabric could be more important base for most designs. We can imagine the fabric as a canva, the technique upon the material could be kind of drawing, we are lucky to have some fabric that with special texture, and really helpfully to figure out the special. In the leather industry, we verified the quality of leather materials by 3 steps, which are looking, touching, smelling.  Almost all materials can be identified by these steps. Firstly we would look at the texture and brightness, to verify it is good for our theme, and we are going to touch it, feel how the touch sense is, verify if was good for our shape, and we would knead and see how soon it will recover, to verify if it was strength enough. Lastly, we would smell you. We don’t want to use those material with irritative smells.

  • Step three

Arrange paper pattern (CAD).This purpose is help to cutting the material out as per our pattern.  The designers would firstly make a mockup bag to double check if their illustration is properly. Only if was approved, the paper pattern would be allowed to deliver to next procedure.

  • Step four

Cutting, According to the paper grid, we are going to cutting the material out.

  • Step five

Desktop workmanship, which involve material shoving, edge painting, positioning,
Material shoving, this step is help to reduce the thickness of material, so we can more easier sew the bags together
Edge painting, the edge would be neat.

Positioning, to find out the position where we are going to fitting the hardware to whatever.

  • Step Six

Sewing, join each pieces together. Cut off the excess thread, clean the dirt and so on. Till now, a nice handbag was born!

In my opinion, a unique handbag is not only in aims of carrying essentials, it a taste signal for a woman. I would work hard and look forward produce more creative and value products for peoples.

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