• 06 Mar, 2019 teeny tiny mirco bags at Paris Fashion Week
    Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019-2020 women's ready-to-wear collections revealed at the weekend were accessorised with the latest handbags. Jacquemus showed teeny tiny mirco bags at Paris Fashion Week From what we can tell it’s one extreme or the other: from huge, slouchy baglady style totes to teeny tiny designer lanyards, large enough to hold your gold card.  An everyday handbag serves a...
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  • 21 Feb, 2019 Why we are here - all because of DREAM!
    For versse chairman Lorence Lee the world's most precious.  Handbag  is not a tool for sewing leather and fabrics, but with the dedication and faith to create the dream. The world is prepared for those who have dreams. As the guangzhou factory was established in 2005, not only ignited the enthusiasm of the factory staff, but also opened the door to the dream  for Lorence Lee. It sta...
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  • 21 Feb, 2019 Versse beach bags to carry to your day essentials
    Every time I pack for a beach vacation, I’m so focused on making sure I have enough sunscreen, snacks, and books to read that I always seem to forget that I need something to tote them all to the shore in. The wheels of my carry-on aren’t exactly sand-compatible. Before my next coastal getaway, it’s time to get a beach bag that I’m excited to pack. Lucky for me—and you!—this summer’s selection is ...
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